Sailor waiting for ship to come in.

Wickford Village
Destination for sightseeing, shops, galleries, and delicious seafood!

Wickford: lobster pot buoys and antique house. Wickford: classic ship in harbor. Wickford Harbor: colorful lobster pot buoys.
  Wickford Waterfront: starfish on nets. Wickfor Harbor: Mary the Gull (or is it harry?) Wickford Harbor: Scenic edge and boats.
In Wickford harbor,an egret stalks breakfast. Wickford: Historic building on Brown Street. Wickford: Decor on Brown Street.
Wickford: Historic bridge on Brown Street, and Classic Car. Wickford: Sculpture located off Brown Street.
Scenic harbor essentials: ropes and chains. Hand-forged iron ring of antique anchor frames resident ducks. Wickford: Anvil, a relic of earlier shipbuilding days.




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